Why I Love Dinosaurs

My first real love of dinosaurs started in 2015.

I am ashamed to say the first time I watched Jurassic Park was in 2015. Yes, it took me that long. I’m not sure why it took me 18 years to watch the best film in existence. My family was never overly interested in dinosaurs and films with suspense make my mum run out of the room. So, I’m imagining that’s why it was never high on my list of things to watch. But then 2015 rolled out and what came with that? Jurassic World.

I know there are a fair amount of people who think Jurassic World is the worst in the franchise but it means a lot to me. Jurassic World is the reason I have discovered my fascination with the past and in particular, the dinosaurs. At school history bored me. It was a subject that my brother ended up taking to MA meaning that I endured countless boring trips to medieval castles. On top of that my history teachers were not exactly inspiring. So come GCSEs I dropped history as quickly as possible. My idea of the past was Henry VIII having six wives or another pointless war that humans created. I had never really considered natural history. I’m not sure why it isn’t taught in schools. Not once do I remember learning about the dinosaurs past primary school.


After watching Jurassic Park (1, 2 and 3) and Jurassic World I was inspired. Dinosaurs began to rule my life. Every day that passed I found myself more and more interested in the world 250 million years prior to my existence. Deep time became far more interesting to me than any egotistical idea that our own human history is incredibly important. Of course, we should learn from our mistakes but we never do. However, to see the evolution of our planet and the life that lives on it is deeply important. Our place on this planet is fleeting, the dinosaurs show us that, and if we accept that it might put our lives in a little more perspective. As well as the fact we should respect Earth a bit more than we actually do.

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for millions of years. Yet, one meteorite and the titans fell. The planet recovered, as it always will (until the sun wipes it out), but life barely clung on. We act like we are immortal and the planet indestructible. But the dinosaurs prove this is simply not true. We are finite. We are mortal. And this planet is destructible, but we are like insects living on its back – we can never truly damage it. When we speak of our actions destroying the planet, we really mean that we are destroying our life on this planet. Another egotistical idea that humans could ever truly affect a giant rock in space. Once we die, life will go on and it will probably thrive. What we seem to not truly comprehend is that climate change, global warming, the greenhouse effect and so on is our version of the meteor. We are the meteor. Thus, we should look to the past to really understand that we can change the future of our life on this planet.


I realise that this all seems pretty deep considering this was meant to be a blog about why I love dinosuars. I guess you were expecting me to bang on about how much I love how cute they are or something stupid? Dinosaurs mean more to me than I would have ever expected when I first watched Jurassic Park in 2015. The science and the history have inspired me in ways I never thought it would. Dinosaurs in popular culture are what I live and breathe. Jurassic Park is a film I can watch on repeat. I never grow tired of dinosaur films, books or documentaries. My life is one big dinosaur fest.

Yet, there have been many times I have been judged for my love of dinosaurs. But this is another reason why I love them so much. I am not a child. Nor am I a boy. However, dinosaurs fascinate me. Why? Because adults, including women, can be interested in dinosaurs. I don’t know when dinosaurs became confined to children’s books or when dinosaur toys started to belong in the boy’s section but the fact that each day I become more interested and intrigued by a subject which society deems I shouldn’t like makes me love dinosaurs even more. Dinosaurs are for everyone. Therefore, this blog is born and it’s going to be full of everything dinosaur. Most importantly, everyone is welcome.

Emma x


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