Summer Dinospiration

Summer. Or recently it’s been renamed the unending heatwave. But it’s such a great season. Light evenings and bright mornings, actual proper sunlight (not that half-arsed stuff we get in winter), ice cream and a cold, refreshing drink. Personally, I’m a sucker for an ice cold Old Mout Cider. What about you guys?

I’m not a huge fan of heat but I think that’s because I live in the middle of the UK and when it’s hot here it tends to be muggy and humid. It’s not fun feeling like you’re permanently sweating buckets. It’s not like living near the coast with a nice ocean breeze. It’s like living in a sauna which is amplified by cars and buildings and a mass of people. And it’s been hot. I mean HOT. And my bedroom seems to be the hottest room in the house. I mean, of course, it would be wouldn’t it? Meaning a lack of sleep. Then I also hate the lack of desire to cook and bake because why make yourself feel hotter than you already do? So, I’ve been lacking inspiration on that front.

I mean seriously why do houses in the UK fail to prepare for extreme weather conditions? We don’t have air con for the summer. And the winter? We are always horrendously underprepared for snow. An inch of snow and airports close, roads are impossible to drive on and schools are shut. It’s ridiculous right?! As a country we seem to not cope well with extremes at all. I mean 30-degree heat and we put out an official warning? Other countries must laugh at us.

Yet, thankfully it looks like the heat wave is finally ending and summer can go back to its normal, mild ways.

What does everyone else think about the heatwave? Love it or hate it?

Anyway, let’s get to the point. Summer dinospiration. Each season I’m going to write a little bit about what amazing dinospiration (a.k.a. dinosaur inspiration) I’m currently interested in. And this month I’ve got some incredible things to show you!


DINOSAUR ICE LOLLY MOLDS. Yes, you read that correctly. These guys by Tovolo are the stuff of dreams. I’m still experimenting with recipes (and hope to put one up on the blog soon) but aren’t they just the best? They’re brightening up my summer tenfold. Other ways of eating ice lollies now just seem boring in comparison.

So, how can I top them? Not easily but you’ve got to love a bit of summer reading. I’ve been enjoying all sorts of dinosaur related books and I’m definitely going to blog about them. However, I think one to include in this post is The Evolution of Claire. A prequel to Jurassic World but in book form. Neat huh? For all those Jurassic Park enthusiasts out there like me then this is definitely not to miss. All about Claire getting a job at Jurassic World and her ‘evolution’, it seems the perfect way to talk more about the story without doing another film.

emmastill__DSC0130_20180729Places to visit? Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, of course. What better way to spend a warm summer’s day then to visit these weird but wonderful sculptures. Admittedly, the day I visited seemed to be the one day it has rained this whole summer but it was still amazing to see these Victorian dinosaurs. It’s definitely a dinosaur pilgrimage for anyone interested in the world of dinos. Plus, London has a bunch of other cool dinosaur things to do.

Now, we definitely have to address why summer 2018 is a big deal. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was released early June in the UK and it’s a film you need to see. If there is a summer rainy day (wishful thinking, I know) then the obvious way to spend it is going to see the latest installment of the Jurassic franchise. After seeing it twice, I have mixed feelings about it. It’s very different than the other films, in some ways amazing and other ways I’m not too sure about. What do you guys think?

emmastill__DSC6087_20180710And whilst we’re talking about Jurassic World, there is a perfect way to spend a lazy evening. Jurassic World Evolution. You get to build your own parks and, of course, it’s full of dinosaurs. Everything goes wrong, dinosaurs eat people, you lose money and dinosaurs fight. It’s incredible. And I wouldn’t just say that. As a video game, it’s very addictive and if you’re dinosaur fan then it’s a must.

Cool Instagram accounts to check out? @thecookieraptor obviously. Have a look through my feed and enjoy my day to day dinosaur adventures. Also, check out my Dinospiration Pinterest Board to keep up to date with my dinospiration.

In Autumn I promise I will recommend other cool dinosaur social media accounts than mine!

Emma x


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