Autumn Dinospiration

Ahhh Autumn. Or Fall as Americans call it. And I’ve got to say, I much prefer Fall as a name for this season. It’s more literal but there’s something more romantic about saying Fall rather than Autumn.

It’s quickly becoming my favourite season. I’m not a huge fan of heat so summer has never been up my street. But, I do love the longer days of Summer. I’m not a fan of dark evenings and as I get up at 6am every morning then I really really hate dark mornings. That’s where Winter falls down you see. I love the cold weather, jumpers, hot chocolate, candles, mulled wine, Christmas (of course Christmas), my birthday (It’s in January) and the fact you can snuggle under a blanket and watch a film. But, the big but, I hate the dark because it just gets depressing after a while.

I’m starting to appreciate Spring too. After that long winter, it feels good to finally feeling some sun and warmth on your face. The days start being less dark too. But I think Autumn wins. The leaves falling off the trees, conkers, the days starting to get colder, getting darker but not too dark, the apples, the pears, the plums and oh my god the blackberries. You can tell I’m a foodie can’t you?

And then there’s the build up to Christmas. Okay, so I know it is controversial to talk about Christmas in Autumn but I love the build up to it. I’m not a fan of celebrating too early. I mean, who the hell is thinking about Christmas in September?! But when November rolls around, that’s when Christmas starts becoming real for me. I don’t start decorating the house or anything but thinking about gifts and maybe eating a mince pie or two is a must.

All that said, what dinospiration is there to behold in the Autumn?

Obviously, I have to start with Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. If you haven’t seen it then now is the time as it is about to be released on DVD and Bluray. I’m super excited because I preordered a steel back cover from HMV a few months back now. It’s a film that I know a lot of Jurassic fans love. I’m still not 100% sold on it which is why I’m looking forward to being able to watch it in the comfort of my own home after back to back watching the other Jurassic films.


On the days when the weather is lousy, which are plentiful, then why not curl up with a good book? Personal favourite non-fiction dinosaur book is Why Dinosaurs Matter by Kenneth Lacovara. Such an important book to read for any dinosaur lover. It encompasses all my opinions on dinosaurs in a way I could never really articulate. It’s amazing, I recommend it to anyone.

Where should we all be heading? I mean, it’s Autumn so the weather might be a bit touch and go. It certainly is here anyway. But, we might as well be enjoying the last few days of sun we have left. Nottingham is gaining Jurassic Kingdom at Wollaton Park which I’m definitely going to. It’s a load of animatronic dinosaurs so I’m stoked. If you live nowhere near Nottingham, then get out in the world and find your nearest Dinosaur Park or Dinosaur Mini Golf. There are loads dotted around the place – just have a look.


Check out my new recipe for Cookieraptors so that you can welcome in the colder, darker months with the best thing ever – biscuits. Dunk them in your tea or coffee. Or even have them with a hot chocolate. Baking is so much nicer in the colder months because you’re not sweating like a pig whilst you do it. It’s actually a good way to stay warm and eat amazing home baked goods. And what’s better than a Cookieraptor?!


Anyone who knows me will know that I love ceramics. I probably have a fairly unhealthy obsession with ceramics (unhealthy in the way that it drains my bank account) and especially with these guys. Pho ceramics bowls and mugs are simply THE BEST. They are so well made and beautiful. Every time I drink or eat from them, I can’t help but smile. And, they are so versatile, you can use them as mugs or bowls for food and drink or storing your knick knacks in or even as cute plant pots. They are honestly worth every penny. And Audra is lovely too. Visit her Etsy shop here.

Instagram account to follow? Check out @phoceramics to look at even more of these ceramic beauties. Plus you may see a few of my pictures on there too.

Enjoy Autumn everyone,

Emma x

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