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The Cookieraptor

Bundle of Any Three Stickers

Bundle of Any Three Stickers

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Transform your notebook or laptop (or anything you want really!) with your choice of three of any of my available stickers. Please let me know which three stickers you would like included.

Currently in stock are:

- Ammonite

- Ankylosaurus

- Anoplotherium (Crystal Palace)

- Bambiraptor You Are Perfectly Imperfect

- Baryonyx

- Camarasaurus

- Carnotaurus

- Concavenator I Am A Woman

- Deinocheirus Embrace Your Weirdness 

- Dimetrodon

- Diplodocus

- Dodo

- Gastornis, Terror Bird

- Hylaeosaurus (Crystal Palace)

- Iguanodon (Crystal Palace)

- Mammoth

- Megalosaurus (Crystal Palace)

- Megatherium (Crystal Palace)

- Nasutoceratops

- Nothronychus Be Weird

- Pachycephalosaurus

- Palaeotherium (Crystal Palace)

- Sinomacrops

- Spinosaurus

- Stegosaurus

- Styracosaurus

- Suchomimus

- Thalassiodracon

Each sticker fits within a 10cm square and is made either from durable vinyl or paper. 

*Colour may differ slightly in real life than the photographs. The cool planters, plants and toy dinosaurs aren't included unfortunately*

All stickers are sent with Royal Mail (Second Class for UK, International Standard for international).

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