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The Cookieraptor

Framed Original Handmade Tyrannosaurus rex Medium Pebblesaur Artwork

Framed Original Handmade Tyrannosaurus rex Medium Pebblesaur Artwork

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Approx Height: 10" • Approx Width: 8"

Framed original Tyrannosaurus rex pebble art • 8" x 10" artwork by The Cookieraptor.

Bring a little natural history into your home! One of my original, handmade, small pebble artworks created with Devonian slate from Whitsand Bay in Cornwall (UK). Each piece is swimming with natural history as well as being a one of a kind dinosaur artwork. Cornish slate of the Devonian period predates the first dinosaurs of the Triassic by over 100 million years (longer than the time which separates us from the dinosaurs!) and was a period known as the 'age of fishes'. Strange, large fish, such as Dunkleosteus and Hyneria, roamed the seas before they became extinct during the mass extinction at the end of the era. The Devonian period is named after Devon (the county next to Cornwall) where the rock was first studied.

Created by a dinophile for dinophiles! These frames do not contain glass.

This artwork is a unique piece designed and created by me in my little home in Dorset. It is based on the well-loved dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex.

The pebble art is signed on the front with the species name and rock location.

Shipping in the UK is 2nd class (can be upgraded to 1st class signed for) and elsewhere they are International Tracked. If you are interested in purchasing one from a country I haven't listed then please contact me and I can see how I can get it safely to you!

*Keep in mind that all computer monitors display colour differently, so your artwork may differ slightly in colour from the image you see onscreen.*

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